Monday, January 14, 2013

A Word About Titles

So some of you know that my original title for this novel was "Reunion Day". The title was related to a fictitious future holiday that celebrated the return of the Earth Historians to both worlds of the Union, Quantar and Carinthia.

When I started the rewrite of RD, I ended up deleting the holiday references as I felt they were perhaps too sentimental and not central to the story. Also, the idea of Reunion Day was that the events of the novel took place over the course of a full year, from one holiday to the other. Based on some of the comments I had received from editors I decided to tighten the timeline of the book considerably, to about a month. That of course meant I had to rethink my title.

I came up with "Impulse: The Lightship Chronicles, Vol. 1" as a way of tying the series to each of the Lightships, the main weapons of defense for the Union Navy. Vol. 1 is really the story of Impulse, as that is the ship our hero first serves on, and ends up on a quest to rescue. Thus the second book would be "Starbound" (the name of Quantar's primary Lighship) and the third would potentially be "Resolution", which has meaning both as the end to the trilogy and the conclusion of our hero's journey, as well as the fulfillment of his resolution to the world of Levant and a certain beautiful princess he has promised to marry. But we get ahead of ourselves.

This weekend while at the bookstore, my brother pointed to a new book release from Tor Books (SF) by Steven Gould, titled "Impulse" [Sigh]. And then there was the 2010 book by Joe Haldeman titled "Starbound", part of his "Marsbound" and "Earthbound" series. [double sigh] Combine that with series by Jack Campbell which use titles like "Dauntless", "Fearless", and "Valiant", and Mike Shepherd ("Intrepid", "Defiant") and you've quickly cut into my list of book titles using this method.

In the end, I suppose it will be a marketing decision. As of now, I'm racking my brain trying to come up with another option. I guess the moral of the story is, don't get attached to your titles.


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