Monday, November 12, 2012

BSG: Blood and Chrome - Webisodes 1 & 2 Review

Blood and Chrome opens with an action-packed dogfight sequence featuring young hotshot pilot William Adama that could have come right out of my SF novel SPEEDWING. The classic sci-fi trope of a young pilot showing off his skills in what turns out to be a simulation is well carried out. We follow Adama as he makes his way to his new assignment aboard Galactica, there to find out he's been assigned to basically drive a beautiful software engineer and a grizzled veteran of the war on a bus tour of the colonies. Soon however those plans go awry, as the young pilot and his pal Coker are informed of their new, secret orders, a rendevous in deep space with the Battlestar Archeron.

Upon arrival at the rendevous howver they find that Archeron has been ambushed and completely destroyed. Soon they are fired upon by Cylon raiders and, well, the rest will have to wait until next week's thrilling episode.

So let me say a few things about this production. First, I hate, and I mean HATE, watching anything, but especially original, effects-laden sci-fi programming on a computer monitor. The only way to view this kind of program IMO is on a big screen hi-def TV. There are many aspects to the production that are lost in the small display format, especially the dense activity sequences we see on Galactica's hangar deck. I would like the opportunity to see that kind of CGI on the big screen. Ditto the action sequences, too much detail is lost in the mix.

Having said that, I think the idea of a serialized format for Blood and Chrome is not a bad way to present the show at all. Quite frankly it might be a more effective format than the full-one hour episode idea. I do think that a 7 minute sequence is too short, so something more like 15-20 minutes might be more effective. If you could do a show in quarter-hour chunks, you could turn a 13 episode season into a full year of Blood and Chrome episodes.

A more effective way to present it might be as a 15 minute tack-on to SyFy's Friday original programming block, airing it between the first and second airings of shows like Haven, Lost Girl, etc.

But I am parsing here. The best format for Blood and Chrome is simple, air it on the main channel. Let's hope SyFy comes to their senses and moves the show in that direction once the ratings come in for the webisodes, the main channel airing in February, and the DVD/Blueray sales. It's kind of all on us folks.



Mike Bara said...

What you said...

Donny Smeets said...

I think it is fantastic that the 2 minisodes were released.

I do hope the additionel content is not going to be cancelled..

As a mentaly insane fan of the new Battlestar Galactica i am prejudged ofcourse, but man, i loved this .

Mo(o)re please,

Donny Smeets said...

as a prejudged mentaly insane fan of the new Battlestar Galactica this is great to see. Finaly they got lift off.

I hope they will not cancel this. I see david Eick is onboard again, just like Bear mcreary, who lifted up Battlestar Galactica with a big push of his immortal beautiful music.

I heard immediatly that it was Bear when i watched these 2 minisodes on the web.

Thank you and please make this happen.

A BSG fan in Blood and Chrome.